The XaaS1 Difference

Pre-Sales Support


Our highly skilled consultants, architects, and engineers help with the discovery process to determine the specific need.  We then process this need against our hundreds of solution offerings to provide you with the best options, pricing, and scalability.

Cost Reduction Strategies


XaaS1 negotiates volume pricing across thousands of accounts across the nation to bring customers the best resulting agreements.

Better technology solutions, better pricing, better terms, and better service plans.  That's the XaaS1 value proposition!

Shifting Cap Ex to Op Ex


We are adding many new vendors as technology solutions continue shifting from on premise to hosted or cloud-based.  Cloud, Telecom, Software, Security, Internet-of-Things, Marketing, and much more are now available via subscription based agreements.  We will help you teach your customers the benefits which will result in large monthly recurring profits for you!

"Big Picture" Thinking


We have wide and deep experience in all areas of business technology.  Our past projects have taught us to look at the big picture. "Big Picture" to us leads to look at things like convergence that can many times reduce cost, administration, and maintenance.  It can also increase speed, efficiency, and redundancy.  All of these things become of a part of the ROI on any project that we help you with and help your stakeholders understand why to move forward.

Post-Sales Support



If you don't already have an MSP or internal tech team to assist with your implementation and ongoing support, we can help. We have our own engineering team that can do the work for you. Or we can align you with a highly skilled organization in your area that will be just right for you. Ask our team for a referral.

Launch Your Success in 2019!



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